increase salesPlatinum Advice is an advisory firm providing a wide range of business assistance and consulting services to small and medium size businesses in Sydney.

These include:

•  Business Coaching & Mentoring
•  Capital Raising
•  Financial Management
•  Government Grants
•  Key Performance Indicators
•  Process Improvement
•  Risk Management
•  Sales & Marketing
•  Exit Strategy

Put very simply, we help Australian businesses to raise capital, increase their sales, improve processes, reduce costs and make more profits.

How do we do this?

Increase Sales

Knowing how to increase sales sales is one of the critical skills required in business. There are many ways to increase sales, such as increasing the average sale per customer (through ‘add-on’ products or services), increasing the frequency of sale, increasing the customer traffic or improving the conversion rate from prospect to customer. Each of these strategies and the others not mentioned here requires the tactics and methods to deliver the best results for your business. We have the expertise to put in place the most suitable and effective tactics to increase sales for your business.

Business Coaching

Many of the most successful owner-managed businesses throughout the world have used business coaching experts to great effect. What does business coaching do for you? Put simply, a business coach is a facilitator who will help you to see and analyse the problems that are detrimentally affecting your business. Through business coaching you will be able to solve the problem yourself. Business coaching is powerfully effective in helping you and your business.

Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring is different from business coaching. A business mentor is a teacher who has industry specific knowledge, and can help guide and direct you. Business mentoring means you can draw on industry specific expertise to work with you until the problem is solved, the strategy is developed, the tactics are implemented. The business mentor will share their detailed knowledge and expertise to “teach you” how to maximise the opportunities and become more effective in your specific industry.


We have genuine and proven expertise in providing help to increase sales, business coaching and business mentoring.

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