The Cycle: Planning, Funding, Implementing, Measuring Results and finally Exiting.



These are the four indispensable steps of any project or business venture, prior to the final exit. Without all four of them, the business, or the project, has all the chances of joining the “did not succeed” chapter of Australian history (According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 73% of all business ventures fail within 5 years).


This is where the vision, the dream, the original idea start to take form. An objective is set, a direction is shown, milestones are defined and deadlines are decided.

For existing businesses, it could be a project, an expansion, the purchase of a new piece of equipment, an advertising campaign or the acquisition of another company.


Nothing comes for free: Employees, Equipment or Resources, everything has to be paid for and there are multiple ways to achieve this: from saved cash, borrowing, factoring, grants, invoice discounting, loans, notes issue, overdraft, shares issue, etc.


Changing, Hiring, Implementing, Improving, Installing, Making better or more efficient, this is where the vision is converted into reality.

Measuring Results

Too often this step is forgotten, or overlooked due to a lack of time or a lack of resources. It should not. Only by measuring the results can you know if the project was successful or not. What is more, this post-completion analysis allows for the next round of steps.


The exit, the listing on an exchange, the retiring, the succession, the trade sale, in other words how the business owner and other shareholders are realising their profit.

This is the ultimate achievement, where profits can be distributed to you, your family, charities, investors and shareholders.


Platinum Advice is present for all these steps, from Planning to Measuring Results and finally Exiting. We continuously help you throughout the process. Our testimonial section speaks by itself: It is what our clients say about us.

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