These are some of the testimonials we have received, or put simply, this is what our clients have to say about us and our services:


“We have been in business for some 35 years. We operate in 3 separate market areas, both here in Australia & New Zealand. We were looking for some succession planning advice when we approached Eric, on a recommendation. He has been of immense value and assistance in our planning and reorganising of our internal operations. We have found him trustworthy, able to quickly understand our business and come with practical suggestions to enhance the business.

With his assistance we have produced a practical business plan and aided in the disposal of our New Zealand business.

Eric was always pleasant in his manner, patient, honest and reliable and we have no hesitation in recommending his company and services.”

Bernie Lyster
Managing Director
Chain Protection Services


“Eric has provided external business advice to One Build Pty Ltd for in excess of 3 years. During that time the Directors have sought advice on a myriad of issues that affect the running and performance of our business. Since Eric has been involved with our Company we have had a 260% increase in Revenue.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Eric’s involvement has been the fact that we can at any time pick up the phone and discuss any business issue with him knowing that we will receive professional, diligent and considered advice.

I would not hesitate to recommend Eric to any business person wanting to improve their business.”

Tom Silk
Managing Director
One Build Pty Ltd


“We engaged Eric to advise us on a pricing/marketing strategy which would address a situation whereby we were drastically re-structuring our wheel manufacturing operations, but were stuck with some historical marketing situations which also needed re-structuring.

We presented Eric with our concerns and aspirations relating to marketing and in short order he produced a series of recommendations for our consideration, backed up by rigorously costed options. It was obvious that some decisively implemented changes would dramatically improve our profitability and so the changes were made, not without some soul searching on our part. However, our fortunes improved rapidly from Day One and we are now seeing consistent profitability.

Similarly, and during 2006/7, Eric has advised us on our best options for sub-contracting some of our manufacturing activities. He has also researched export logistics for us and we have benefited from changes we have made as a result.

We have greatly valued Eric’s contribution to our company and his marketing and financial experiences have complemented our engineering capabilities to turn our company from a ‘struggler” into a profitable entity.”

Tony Simmons
Managing Director
Simmons Wheels Pty Ltd


“I have known Eric for a period of 4 years however more recently I had the pleasure of having him work with me on the strategic plan for DSBN identifying key priorities for the network’s future.

This work has highlighted to me Eric’s professionalism and his practical approach to business. He is a lateral thinker, leaving nothing to chance and I am very appreciative of his advice and continued support.

Eric has demonstrated the difference a committed professional can make to a busines and I would not hesitate in highly recommending his services.”

Maria Lambides
Dynamic Small Business Network


“In April 2007 Eric de Diesbach through his company, Platinum Advice, consulted to and represented our organization through its transition from a Pty Limited company. Eric provided professional guidance and advice in reviewing the options of corporate structure and capital raising was instrumental in RedHouse achieving its business platform.

Eric has been instrumental in the ongoing support of our development. Eric continues to add experience and direction to our business.

Eric’s broad experience in varying markets has assisted our vision and forward planning.

On all levels Eric presented himself as knowledgeable, honest, practical, pleasant to deal with, a lateral thinker and a driving force always looking for solutions.

We have no hesitation in referring Eric to any forward thinking organization.”

Michael Canty                                    Peter Upton
Managing Director                             Chairman
RedHouse Media Group Limited


“We first met Eric in October 2005 after responding to some marketing material distributed by the Institute for Independent Business.

At the time we had a number of business issues that we were seeking assistance with. After a few initial meetings we found we liked Eric’s non confronting approach, he is down to earth and always very professional in the way he deals with business problems.

He has worked closely with us on three major projects during this time:
•    Licensing versus franchising
•    Establishing a group wide Occupational Health and Safety Policy
•    Preparing an extensive Business Plan for our main four operating companies, this also included a detailed SWOT analysis.

We have no hesitation in recommending Eric; we found that he always provided us with sound and practical advice to help us make decisions.”

Robert J Aubin
Pivot Point Australia


“Commercial Diesel has strongly benefited from the hands-on assistance provided by Eric: His recommendations were implemented and have definitively transformed Commercial Diesel for the better.

Last but not least, the working sessions between Platinum Advice and Commercial Diesel were the kick-start for us, the business owners, to start working on our business, rather than in our business (The difference between having a job and having a company).

Eric has always provided us with sound and practical business advice that has helped making decisions. We have no hesitation in recommending him to any business wanting to improve their performance.”

Dane McLeod
Commercial Diesel Pty Ltd


“Parker’s Organic Juices has used the services of Eric de Diesbach and his colleagues for specific projects over the last two years. In particular, they have assisted us with negotiations with major retail chains and in the preparation of R&D claims. They have coordinated strategic sampling activity across the eastern states in support of our retail lines. They have also provided general commercial consultancy and strategic advice.

I have found Eric and his colleagues to be good sounding boards for commercial decision-making. Their advice has been impartial and trustworthy and their integrity unquestionable.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Alicia Parker
Managing Director
Parker’s Organic Juices


“My client and I found Eric to be professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. My client has benefited greatly in dealing with Eric, whereas the company was going backwards prior to his services, since then they have expanded and starting to be a profitable enterprise.

I highly recommend using Eric for his professional services.”

Diana Blake
Akebro Australia Pty Ltd


“Eric is a very knowledgeable and lateral thinking person who has very considerable commercial knowledge and experience.

Eric gave me advice in the preparation of offer documents and the structures required in forming a limited company for the purpose of raising Investor Capital.

The attention to detail required when forming Companies for these purposes is paramount and Eric was able to demonstrate his very considerable commercial knowledge and expertise during that process.

The preparation of Offer Documents and then the presentation process was based on many informative discussions with Eric who pointed out the do’s and don’ts that can hamper a successful capital raising venture. We were very impressed with the way Eric worked through the potential mistakes and pitfalls.

I am very happy to recommend Eric de Diesbach from Platinum Advice for sound business advice and significant expertise in raising Venture Capital.”

Denis Ryan
eSwap Limited


“We have found Eric to be an asset to our business; he is thorough, very knowledgeable, straight forward and to the point in an honest manner.

He has a high level of expertise in capital raising and he shows a great deal of care with his clients and their Companies.

We found him to be a lateral thinker and always looking for solutions.

We have no hesitation in recommending Eric’s services to other interested parties.”

Ken Mathews
Clean Diesel Emissions Limited


“He provided insightful advice and support throughout and was available at all times. Eric has the knowledge and experience to help me grow and expand my business in ways I have not looked at. He has a practical hands-on approach which is very refreshing and he works with me to improve my business. He has helped me in situations when I was unable to find a solution.

I would thoroughly recommend Eric’s professional advice and if the opportunity arose.”

Oscar de Vries
Portland Marketing Pty Ltd


“We hired the services of Eric de Diesbach from Platinum Advice Pty Ltd at the time we wanted to start our business venture. We are artists and we had no idea how to set up and run a company: Structure, organisation, marketing, promotion, budgeting and reporting were big question marks for us.

Eric spoke a clear and simple language that was easy to understand: In just a few meetings, he showed us the various options, guided us through the unknown and helped us make our dream a reality.

We were delighted with Eric’s assistance: He really cared about us, about our business and we have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Becky Lee
Suave Latin Productions trading as Salsa Suave


 “I have known Eric de Diesbach of Platinum Advice since 2006 and have used his services on numerous occasions.

Not only do I like Eric, the person, I have found Eric to be extremely knowledgeable, practical and to the point, whilst having that skill of explaining in a way that you can understand.

Meetings or discussion with Eric are always valuable to me as it helps us to identify and prioritize the important issues in the business. Like everyone else, we get busy and need Eric’s disciplined approach to keep us focused.

Eric provides us with practical business advice that helps us make sound business decisions and often raises issues or suggestions that we may have overlooked or not even thought of. I appreciate his input to our business success.

I have no hesitation in recommending Eric and Platinum Advice to any business looking for guidance or to those looking to grow their business in today’s market.”

Ian McManus
My Business Manager Ltd


“We operate in an industry which has to constantly compete against larger retailers with greater buying power and ever new technologies and we have found the professionalism and directness of Eric de Diesbach most refreshing and uncomplicated.

New analysis and fresh ideas were needed and provided by Eric. They resulted in improvements in many areas: More visitors, better conversion ratio and ultimately increase in the number of customers in spite of adverse retail events in the neighbourhood.

Eric is straight forward, to the point and we have always felt that he cared for us and for our business.

We have no hesitation in recommending Platinum Advice to anyone wishing to promote their business and improve their results in today’s highly competitive environment.”

Garry Sullivan
Jump Holding Pty Ltd
trading as
Dymocks Professional and Technical Bookshop


“Hello Eric

This is just a brief note to record my appreciation of the help you have provided over the last 18 months.

We found the opportunity to discuss, review issues with you monthly of great benefit and I would highly recommend it to any other business owners.

Your suggestions were always creative and helpful.

It was reassuring to know that not only did we have access to your extensive knowledge and experience but via your association with other qualified experienced advisors we had access to a wealth of experience on any issue we had to address.

Best wishes”

William J Walsh
Managing Director
Central Signs Pty Ltd



Don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries, problems, questions, you may have: If feasible, we guarantee to come up with a workable solution to your enquiry!